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Blessed is He

Easter is my very favorite time and even though we are in the midst of some dark days, we can still worship and share the love of Christ.

I invite you to celebrate Palm Sunday along with me.

"Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the LORD!"

A Day in the Sunshine Studio

In the midst of these crazy days,  I wish all of you a few moments of peace, comfort and hope.

Finally... SPRING! A Fresh, New Floral Painting Series

In these strange and bewildering days, I hang on to beauty, art and family.

Inspired by the gorgeous arrangements in Floret Farm's lovely books, I escaped to my sweet studio and tried something new:

cake decorating techniques on canvas!

As a semi-retired cake artist, I have found that using modeling paste, spackling, and joint compound through frosting bags and tips can make some interesting textures to my paintings.

What a fun way to combine some of the many skills I acquired as a wedding cake artist with my many years of experience with acrylics.

I believe I am onto something here...

                                                   How about you?

January Dreams

Holly Dolly in the Snow Illustration
Inspired by one of my beloved dolls, this painting is from a series of illustrations which I plan to someday turn into a children's picture book.  The story will be based on an idea I had one day about what adventures this tiny doll would have if she had a day to explore in the snow on her own.
The illustration is made with pen, pencil, watercolor and gouache on yupo paper.