A Peek Inside...


Although it is always a joy to be in my Studio, hot and humid days make for some fairly uncomfortable painting sessions. During the winter, it is cozy and warm with all the windows and a heater but during the summer months, it can get quite toasty. (Not to mention the mosquitoes!)

But on this lovely August morning, we have been blessed with a crispness that calls to mind the approaching Autumn. And as always, that inspires me to tackle some much-needed tidying up of my sweet Studio. It has been a busy season preparing for festivals and shows and the frenzy that goes with it. And she is so tiny that she is filled to overflowing. Time to cleanse and purge and re-think the space. Only one more festival this year and I am looking forward to the quieter months ahead.

I do hope today brings you a sense of joy and anticipation.



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