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Sunrise over Studio November is the month of thanksgiving and I have much to be thankful for. Blessings beyond measure and I cannot begin to count them all. My dream of a studio is now a reality and I constantly marvel at that. Years of sketches in my journals will show how long I have waited for her. Is she everything I wanted? Not exactly, but I think she is perfect. This studio represents so much more than a place to store supplies. She is a physical reminder to me that I can make dreams come true and live my life as an artist; a lovely new beginning in a fragile lifetime that sometimes seems full of endings and sorrow and change. I don't have it all figured out but I am learning to believe in myself. For such a tiny space, she holds a world of opportunity within. More than that, I hope to somehow inspire all of you to hang onto your hopes and make today a joyful one for yourself. You really can.

Sharing some artwork today!

As I assemble a portfolio of artwork I have created, I will try to share as I go along. These are photos of a wedding invitation I designed in my studio. 
Look what God planted just outside my studio for me! Two gorgeous sunflowers in the perfect spots. I WANTED to plant sunflowers around but didn't manage to. He took care of it for me. He is always doing sweet little ( and BIG ) things like that for me. What a loving Father He is. How could I NOT believe? #Godisgood #allthetime

Sweet Annie Renee Arts: Springtime at the Sunshine Studio

Sweet Annie Renee Arts: Springtime at the Sunshine Studio : Isn't she lovely?

Springtime at the Sunshine Studio

Isn't she lovely?

At Last

My first painting of the first bouquet in my lovely Sunshine Studio.  Far from complete, but I can honestly create in last.  Blessed.


The last moments of The Sunshine Studio as an empty space.  She is so lovely and pure and I admit I will miss how open freeing it feels.  But this is not her destiny and we are about to embark on a new adventure.  Bon Voyage!

Sunshine in Snow

Isn't she lovely in the snowy evening? My Sunshine Studio is cozy and warm in spite of the cold. I can't wait to finally move in so I can while away the hours creating art out there in the gardens, no matter the weather.

Within these walls...

Art is waiting to be released within these newly paneled walls. Another step is made toward the completion...

Sweet Annie Renee Arts: "...and there was Light."

Sweet Annie Renee Arts: "...and there was Light." : "...and there was light." Heartfelt thanks to the soon-to-be Master Electrician, Chris Moore, for three trips from Cincy...

"...and there was Light."

"...and there was light." Heartfelt thanks to the soon-to-be Master Electrician, Chris Moore, for three trips from Cincy and three long days to bring power to the Studio. Your dad would be so proud of you. Special thanks to my amazing dad for countless hours helping Chris, advising us, digging trenches, providing his truck along with his military discount AND for bringing Resch's doughnuts for breakfast. Thanks to my sweet mom for listening and for encouraging me over endless cups of coffee, for supplying meals and snacks and being a dedicated cheerleader as we worked. A HUGE shout out to my generous brother-in-law, Mark Kilbarger of Kilbarger Home Builders for providing the insulation crew, etc. Special thanks to my husband, John for all the hard work he has lovingly contributed: physically, financially, emotionally and beyond. Thank you to my son, Vincent, for lifting, digging, carrying and stopping to help wherever and whenever needed, always with a laugh or