Sunrise Over Soon-to-be Studio

The framework is barely visible, I know. But I have gone out several times to visit her already this morning and this is the first shot that even caught a glimpse. 

And, yes, I really do go visit her even though she hasn't arrived yet. This is very much like giving birth, strange as it may seem. I have imagined and dreamt of this for so long. There have been lots of crushing disappointments and setbacks. And finally, we have confirmation of her existence. I can't sleep for thinking of her and her impact on my life. Creating the perfect space for her and gathering things to make her comfortable fill my days. Phone calls, graphs, visits and appointments in order to be fully prepared for her safe arrival are part of the long process. I worry. I wait. I try to visualize how she will look, how it will be. I carry her in my heart everywhere. 

And I love her already.

Wait, you may think. This IS just a shed we are talking about here, right?

She is a Dream Come True.


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